Events and Seminars



  • Workshop on”Space and Growth: Theoretical and Empirical Models” (13-14/12/2019)

  • “Rapporto SVIMEZ 2019” (17/12/2019)

SVIMEZ 2019 Locandina


  • “Rapporto SVIMEZ 2018” (13/11/2018)

Video of the seminar

  • Alessandra Faggian: “The Impact of Immigration on the Internal mobility of Natives and Foreign-born Residents: Evidence from Italy” (17/11/2018)

Video of the seminar


Pawel Dobrzanski: “European Regional Competitiveness Index” (17/1/2017)

Stefano Magrini: “The Effect of Immigration on Regional Convergence” (23/10/2017)

Margherita Gerolimetto: “Advanced Nonparametric Techniques (23/1/2017)

Edoardo Di Porto: “IV in observational studies and “imperfect” experiments: what, why and how” (30/11/2017)

Sonia Paty: “European Taxation and Fiscal Policy, Coordination and Competion” (07/12/2017)

Cristina Tealdi: “The Impact of Labour Market Institutions and Labour Mobility in the EU” (13/12/2017)

Lucia Ferranna, Margherita Girolimetto and Stefano Magrini: “Wage inequalities across and within US metropolitan areas” (27/06/2018)